The #IMMOOC officially began this past week with a live google hangout featuring George Couros, Dave Burgess and Katie Martin. One of the most resounding lessons that has wholeheartedly stuck with me since watching was when Dave Burgess stated that as educators:

“If what we’re doing is powerful and could help other people, we have a moral imperative to share it.” – Dave Burgess

Now, I’m no stranger to sharing with the world, but no matter how many blogs I post, or how many tweets I send out, every time I want to put something out there, I shrink back out of fear and worry of how it will come across. There have been numerous activities, ideas, thoughts reflections that I have started to write about, only to never hit that publish button.The more I worried, the less I posted and it quickly become a bad cycle. Hearing Dave talk about morality immediately struck a chord with me because it never once occurred to me that I may have a moral obligation to share what goes on in my geeky brain in order to help others. Even more importantly, that my sharing could have a wider impact on the educational growth of not only my students but many others whose educators may come across my work.

Dave went on even further to state that as educators:

“We not only have a moral imperative to share but we have a moral imperative to get GOOD at sharing.” – Dave Burgess

So now not only am I morally obligated to share, but to also get good and comfortable with sharing. This is the hard part of blogging and reflecting publicly for me because it requires me to step out of my comfort zone, to be vulnerable and put it out there consistently. The more we do it, the easier it gets…or so I’ve been told. With Dave adding the element of moral imperatives, it allowed me to see beyond myself and to focus on the greater good.

My thoughts go to the many educators who blog daily or weekly and how much their work has affected and inspired me to grow in my practice. Would I be the teacher I am now and aspire to be without them not only sharing, but being good at sharing? Not even close.

I am learning to get good and comfortable with shining a light on the work that is happening in our classroom and within me as an educator. I am learning that the more we as educators share, the more we empower one another. Most importantly, I am learning that by playing small, I am doing myself and the world a disservice because the learning that is happening is so important that it needs to be shared….and that is a moral imperative.


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